Selecting The Table At Texas Holdem Poker

Are you looking forward to playing a game of Texas Holdem Poker? Not sure of the best 918kiss way to get started with the greatest advantage point? One of the first steps is the table selection.

Concerns About Table Selection At A Texas Holdem Poker Game

There are some questions to ask before sitting at a table.

When do you want to play? If, like most people, you have a job working 9-5 then you are looking at evenings and weekends.


This is when most recreational players are at the poker tables. You don’t want to be playing during the day because that is when the professionals put in some of their hours. Also, there are a lot of retired folks who want to scratch out some pin money.

The average retired player is probably around sixty-five or older. This would be considered a rock – peddling the nuts and playing tight. You can’t make much money, if any at all, from these guys.

Stereotypes in this day and age are not considered to be politically correct, but in poker if you want to save or win money, it’s a good place to start and your view can always be changed. We will be writing more on psychology and player profiling another day.

The Saturday Night Texas Holdem Poker Game

It’s decided then we are going to play on Saturday night – the busiest night of the week and that guarantees action. We walk in for the first time and hear that beautiful sound. The sound of riffling chips. Action is everywhere but where do you sit?

If it’s your first time you want to sit at the lowest limit available. Usually its $0.5/$1 ($2/$4 if you are playing land based) limit Texas Holdem. There will be a few tables running so you need to know what to look for in picking a good table. You should judge a table by two yardsticks:

1) How loose/tight is the game?

2) How aggressive/passive is the game?

Referring to number one, you want to play in loose games because your opponents are playing more weak hands to see more flops and get lucky. The more mistakes your opponents make, the more you will win.


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