People Search – Do You Really Know Who You Are Dating Online? Use People Search

Online dating can be fun but it can also be risky especially when you are not sure of the person you are chatting to. As you only met on the internet you cannot be really certain who that person that you are now flirting with is. It is only natural that many people are looking for someone who can be intimate with them and be their long time partner but with the explosion of online dating there is also a huge growth of people seeking to exploit the vulnerable. This is why people search is so important. By using a specialized people search information service online you can access freely available Public Records to obtain a background check by entering the name and city of the individual.

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The Freedom of Information Act mandates the availability of Public Records and there are various categories of Public Records that relate to people search including birth, marriage and death records, business records and legal judgments along with quite a few others. Sex offenders and reverse phone lookup are available too if it is so desired.

There are basically two versions of Public Records. The first version is free of charge (FOC) and the major source is the government agencies but these records require you to visit the various storage locations of the differing records or write directly to the government agency. The second one is the paid version provided by commercial information services and they too derive mainly from government sources. Their key value-add is really in the professional collation and compilation of data into plug-and-play readiness available online. In addition, they also have the means to tap into private and proprietary database networks. So before you commit too much of yourself and your emotions to the person you are flirting with online be sure to checkout their background quickly and easily by using people search.

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